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SEVEN BASKETS Inc. is a 501(c)(3) para-church, charitable organization. Our group is made up of volunteers from many different local churches. While we are eligible to take donations, we will not actively seek them. We trust the LORD to lay those burdens on individuals as HE will.


Welcome to Seven Baskets

May 2018





                                     "And he dreamed and behold a ladder set up on the
                            earth and the top of it reached to heaven and behold, the angels
                           of GOD ascending and descending up and down on it." Gen. 28:12
                                     "Then JESUS beholding him loved him and said unto him,
                           one thing thou lackest, go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast and
                           give to the poor and thou shalt have treasure in heaven and come,
                           take up thy cross and follow ME."  Mark 10:21



   The last stop we have on our journey into the future is heaven or sometimes
    referred to as the eternal state.
              Our first quote tells us that heaven is up, above or higher than we are. Ultimately,
    we believe heaven to be a real place that transcends our current environs. My grandson
    desperately wants to be able to fly, have a dog and run as fast as Flash!
              The Bible does say that earth and heaven will be new, probably much like the Edenic
    state and that entropy, that lurking evil, will no longer exist. For more details, see the Henry
    Morris Study Bible notes.
              Our second scripture tells of reward and those rewards earned by sacrifice. So little
    is mentioned today about being sacrificial in our work, our giving and our time. Instead,
    we are told that we can have it all here and now. Remember to be sacrificial! It's for your
    own good.
              So, this concludes our journey into future of the Christian. The list is:                                             1. The Rapture
                                             2. The Judgment Seat of Christ
                                             3. The Marriage Supper of the LAMB
                                             4. The Kingdom Age(2nd Coming)
                                             5.  Heaven
     As with most of our articles, this may be a bit simplistic. However, little is known in
detail about each of these subjects. I've often wondered about eternity and about what will happen there. I guess the change that will take place from corruptible to incorruptble holds the
most mystery. As always, the best thing to do is trust the LORD!






Our mission is to be a help and blessing to previously established ministries such as: local churches, camping and youth ministries, Christian schools and colleges. Our help for these ministries comes through prayer, no-cost fund-raisers, resource information, workshops, funding for specific projects. Our resources center on the areas of creation science (young earth model), Jewish evangelism and personal Christian development.

Seven Baskets is quite pleased with our resource links and review area. We invite you to see the collection of other web sites we have chosen to highlight and make available for easy reference to you. If you know a resource that seems to belong on this page, drop us a note from the “Contact Us” tab.  We have also supplied many resource reviews for you to get a layman’s feel for some of the books and videos in the Christian marketplace. .You can jump to the resource page by clicking here.

Seven Baskets would like to get some insight on the views and opinions from our site visitors. Could you take a moment and answer the simple question below. Please check back as the questions will change regularly and we would like your input.

Do you think God supports a marriage between a man and a woman? Or any two people, regardless of gender?


A Man and a Woman



Two people of any gender



It is not my place to judge


Creation Museum Passes
Several Lifetime Charter members of the Creation Museum have pooled their permanent free passes to the Museum are allowing you to borrow them. If you are interested in borrowing these free passes, please send a note to ‘’ to schedule the passes for your visit.

At the top of this page, we have a count of the  number of passes used at the time of this update!


Our Previous Visitor Survey Question results:

91.5%  Accept Biblical Creation to obtain life

3.5%  State God used evolution to supply life.

5%  Believe God was not involved, Pure evolution.

87%  Think Hollywood influences our culture

1.5%  Think the Church has an influence on our culture

11.5%  Think neither the Church or Hollywood set cultural standards

97%  Think everyone should experience the Creation Museum

0.5%  Think the Creation Museum did not meet their exceptions

2.5%  Have not visited the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio

94%  Believe Evolutionary teaching and media bombardment destroys the belief of the Bible 

1%   Believe that Biblical authority is upheld by teaching evolution

5%   State that Evolutionary teachings have no effect on Biblical authority
86.4 % Believe in the Young Earth model (the Earth and all its Creation are less than 10,000 years old)

13.2 % The Old Earth model (The Earth's age is in the millions of years)?

0.4 % Do not Know how old the Earth is.

90.1 % Believe The Bible contains true accurate historical records.

9.2 % Believe the Bible is just embellished stories

0.7% Are unsure of their believe in the historical accuracy of the Bible.



Browse our Web site for more information about Seven Baskets. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Seven Baskets representative, please e-mail us at  

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