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August  2017

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            Layman's Guide to Bible Overview - Part 1

  ""In the beginning, GOD created the heaven and the earth."            
                         Genesis 1:1

   "And as I began to speak, the Holy Ghost fell on them, as on us, at the
                         Acts 11:15             

 Moving away from our normal format, site visitors will notice a different tack being taken with our next five home page articles.This is because we want to use these next five months for a instruction period. By instruction period, we mean to explain our approach to the Bible and the study of it.

First, we believe the Bible is divided into five sections or parts, much like a five part play or novel. We also take a strong, dispensational view combined with historical, chronological and literary considerations. Our goal is to see and understand the Bible as a single unit. Further, we think the Bible is a very simple book but not to miss the point that it is, after all, A BOOK! It has a beginning, a plot or story, a climax, a denouemente'(untying) and a real, logical ending. This is why reading the Bible from beginning to end is paramount for our comprehension of it. If we don't read ALL of the Bible, we are left with the parts of our choosing. The definition of heresy is TO CHOOSE. A friend invited me to a Bible study held locally. I asked what their approach was to Genesis 1-11? He said that,... Oh, they just skip over that!!!

This month we want to feature the first section: the Beginning, which runs from Gen.1:1 to Genesis 3:7  The Beginning is used by the author to do three basic things: Set the Scene, Introduce the Characters and Establish the Conflict. The Scene is planet earth, with a few vignettes taking place in heaven and hell. The Characters are GOD, mankind and angels with angels being divided into two lines or hierarchies. The Conflict is the commission of Sin by a willful act of disobedience.
Our first quote tells it as plainly as possible. The GOD of the Bible is the Creator of all we can observe and know. Time, Space and Matter all began, in our understanding, at this moment of Creation. Uniquely, these three basic categories are complete and a fourth cannot be added. Only GOD could do this. It is noteworthy that each of these basic subject areas can be divided by three again. Time: past, present and future, Space: length, width and height, Matter: gas, liquid and solid. This is also true of color, motion and any number of creation characteristics with no one naming a fourth in ANY category. Hence, we have a wonderful picture of our Creator, the Trinity, without a word being said. The book 'The Long War Against GOD by Dr. Henry Morris is especially helpful regarding this subject. 

The second quote shows the significance of the word Beginning. In context, this verse in Acts refers to the Beginning of the Church at Pentecost, the church being the visible witness of the LORD JESUS on the earth today. The church also has its own set of markers which we will discuss in future. Moreover, the word Beginning can only mean one thing. Wild and foolish questions can and have been been raised about these early verses of scripture. In both cases those that fall over this stumbling block are misguided in their thinking and need to study further at Christian ministry sites such as: or

Next month:  The Story or Plot





Our mission is to be a help and blessing to previously established ministries such as: local churches, camping and youth ministries, Christian schools and colleges. Our help for these ministries comes through prayer, no-cost fund-raisers, resource information, workshops, funding for specific projects. Our resources center on the areas of creation science (young earth model), Jewish evangelism and personal Christian development.

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Creation Museum Passes
Several Lifetime Charter members of the Creation Museum have pooled their permanent free passes to the Museum are allowing you to borrow them. If you are interested in borrowing these free passes, please send a note to ‘’ to schedule the passes for your visit.

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Our Previous Visitor Survey Question results:

91.5%  Accept Biblical Creation to obtain life

3.5%  State God used evolution to supply life.

5%  Believe God was not involved, Pure evolution.

87%  Think Hollywood influences our culture

1.5%  Think the Church has an influence on our culture

11.5%  Think neither the Church or Hollywood set cultural standards

97%  Think everyone should experience the Creation Museum

0.5%  Think the Creation Museum did not meet their exceptions

2.5%  Have not visited the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio

94%  Believe Evolutionary teaching and media bombardment destroys the belief of the Bible 

1%   Believe that Biblical authority is upheld by teaching evolution

5%   State that Evolutionary teachings have no effect on Biblical authority
86.4 % Believe in the Young Earth model (the Earth and all its Creation are less than 10,000 years old)

13.2 % The Old Earth model (The Earth's age is in the millions of years)?

0.4 % Do not Know how old the Earth is.

90.1 % Believe The Bible contains true accurate historical records.

9.2 % Believe the Bible is just embellished stories

0.7% Are unsure of their believe in the historical accuracy of the Bible.



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