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SEVEN BASKETS Inc. is a 501(c)(3) para-church, charitable organization. Our group is made up of volunteers from many different local churches. While we are eligible to take donations, we will not actively seek them. We trust the LORD to lay those burdens on individuals as HE will.


Jewish Evangelism

Welcome to our Jewish evangelism page!

The Bible first mentions the salvation plan in Genesis 3:15  Looking carefully, we find that the judgement against the serpent was to be emnity through the concept of seed or offspring. What we might call progeny or lineage is now in play. Subsequently, GOD would select a human family to accomplish HIS saving work. This, of course, has been studied many times. Seth, Noah, Shem, Abram, Isaac, Jacob, Judah are all part of the list but GOD chose a young, Hebrew girl named Miriam Bat Nathan (Mary) to bring about the "seed of the woman" promised so long before. We recount this because many today forget the Jew in missions and in prayer. In our small way we hope to encourage our church brothers and sisters to rethink their role in this area


Jews For Jesus - The first Hebrew Christian ministry I became aware of after my own salvation experience. This site has wonderful resources and music with touring music ministry and speakers bureau. Emphasis: evangelism


Ariel Ministries - Features the Bible teaching of Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum. "In depth" is the only way to describe the scholarship of Brother Arnold. One unique thing about this ministry is that many of the subjects are in manuscript form and can be ordered individually. Emphasis: teaching


Friends of Israel - Another fine ministry with a full line of resources including posters. They host a prophecy conference at Winona Lake, IN every summer. Emphasis: evangelism


For over 54 years, we at International Board of Jewish Missions (IBJM) has dedicated themselves to sharing the Good News of Messiah with our Jewish friends

Disclaimer: There may be portions of each site with which we may disagree but still recommend each as a resource

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