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SEVEN BASKETS Inc. is a 501(c)(3) para-church, charitable organization. Our group is made up of volunteers from many different local churches. While we are eligible to take donations, we will not actively seek them. We trust the LORD to lay those burdens on individuals as HE will.


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November 2017

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            Layman's Guide to Bible Overview - Part 4

The Denouemente' --- John 19:31 to Revelation 20:5

     "To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven."
Ecclesiastes 3:1

        "Then opened HE their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures and said unto them, Thus, it is written and thus it behooved CHRIST to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day: and that repentance and remission of sins should be   preached in HIS name among all nations BEGINNING at Jerusalem."

                                   Luke 24:45-47

       The Denouemente' or untying is used by the author for Explanation and Instruction. This section runs from John 19:31 to Revelation 20:15. While the climax has already taken place, it is not always clear as to how we came to that point. This can be due to length, language or difficult syntax. However, we believe the Bible to be very fluid and easily understood if context is respected. This section includes: the burial and resurrection of JESUS, the sending of the apostles, the church age, the rapture of the church, missionaries to the Jews and Gentiles, GOD'S teaching on all matters spiritual for New Testament believers, the judgemnt seat of CHRIST, the Kingdom age and the great, white throne judgement. We believe the book of Acts is a little book of sermons. If memory serves, no less than 23 times does the Apostle Paul recount what has already happened, with chapter 26 being especially noteworthy. So, we have explanation and good evidence for the LORD'S saving work.

      This section also includes a new thing on the earth, that being the church, the body of CHRIST. The most unique characteristic of the church is the permanent indwelling of the HOLY SPIRIT in believers, with others being: universality, members being both Jew and Gentile and the speciality of the rapture. Then, instruction follows throughout the New Testament letters regarding waiting on the LORD'S return, living a spirit-filled life, discerning evil spirits, Christian living, marriage and family life and witnessing to the world. References to the church end at Revelation 3:22 after the final epistles have been written. Often, the epistles to the seven churches in Revelation are omitted in New Testament surveys.

      We realize many place the birth of the church somewhere besides Pentecost but we would argue that this is very poor scholarship. However,  we will entertain any question or comment.

      Our first quote mentions the completeness of the LORD'S perview and the finality, rest and duality of our world. We believe the writer is reflecting back to the judgement of good and evil grounded in knowledge. All this is uniquely true today and will be so until the LORD does that great makeover in the future.

      The second quote gives clear instruction regarding evangelism and we would argue that Jewish missions cannot be ignored.

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Our mission is to be a help and blessing to previously established ministries such as: local churches, camping and youth ministries, Christian schools and colleges. Our help for these ministries comes through prayer, no-cost fund-raisers, resource information, workshops, funding for specific projects. Our resources center on the areas of creation science (young earth model), Jewish evangelism and personal Christian development.

Creation Museum Passes
"Seven Baskets provides free reusable passes (12) to the Answers In Genesis
Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio. To access these passes, interested parties will go to:
    6605 Watson Lane 
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The passes will be picked up at this location and returned on the same day of usage. Reserve your tickets at our  Museum Form or send a note to ‘’ to express interest. A $20 deposit is required for the transaction. Also, other than prayer, Seven Baskets has no connection with the Ark Encounter project and cannot provide passes for it.

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Creation Museum Passes
Several Lifetime Charter members of the Creation Museum have pooled their permanent free passes to the Museum are allowing you to borrow them. If you are interested in borrowing these free passes, please send a note to ‘’ to schedule the passes for your visit.

At the top of this page, we have a count of the  number of passes used at the time of this update!


Our Previous Visitor Survey Question results:

91.5%  Accept Biblical Creation to obtain life

3.5%  State God used evolution to supply life.

5%  Believe God was not involved, Pure evolution.

87%  Think Hollywood influences our culture

1.5%  Think the Church has an influence on our culture

11.5%  Think neither the Church or Hollywood set cultural standards

97%  Think everyone should experience the Creation Museum

0.5%  Think the Creation Museum did not meet their exceptions

2.5%  Have not visited the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio

94%  Believe Evolutionary teaching and media bombardment destroys the belief of the Bible 

1%   Believe that Biblical authority is upheld by teaching evolution

5%   State that Evolutionary teachings have no effect on Biblical authority
86.4 % Believe in the Young Earth model (the Earth and all its Creation are less than 10,000 years old)

13.2 % The Old Earth model (The Earth's age is in the millions of years)?

0.4 % Do not Know how old the Earth is.

90.1 % Believe The Bible contains true accurate historical records.

9.2 % Believe the Bible is just embellished stories

0.7% Are unsure of their believe in the historical accuracy of the Bible.



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