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The LORD has always impressed upon us to use gospel literature whenever we can. Seven Baskets will archive many of the past Track Of The Month Information. We hope you find this information useful (This page is devoted to our past tract features, but we hope you enjoyed the pun of the the tracts passed along).


                Sadly, January brings a special remembrance for one of the most insidious of anniversaries, the Roe Vs Wade decision (Jan. 22, 1973), which legalized abortion in America. We have watched this legal gymnastic flower into partial-birth abortion (infanticide) and now reach into stem cell research (embryonic). Who knows where this disregard for the sanctity of life will end?
         However, this date also presents a good opportunity to teach, witness and inform those lacking Biblical counsel in this area. We suggest a couple of items for this application. The first is "How You Began Your Journey" from Heritage House. This fine brochure has a detailed view of the pre-natal process and is loaded with information. It is well suited for business sized envelopes.
         The second item is "GOD Loves The Unborn" from Fellowship Tract League. This simple tract says all that needs to be said. It is our prayer that we will be faithful in the distribution of it. Pray for the LORD to bless these efforts!

Heritage House

Fellowship Tract League

              New Years Day/Roe vs Wade As we have mentioned in past articles, the major holiday in a particular month may fall at the very beginning. New Years Day is a case in point. This placement, at the front, shifts the decision of tract selection to other places because New Years Day will pass so quickly. Further, the burden we have at Seven Baskets is more in the pro-life area and fits in well for the entire month of January. The brochure we feature this month is from Heritage House and site visitors can review their material by clicking Here. This item is #9438 MS in the catalog and is a beautiful presentation showing the entire birth process.  Seemingly, so much of what is involved with witnessing and evangelism has to do with INFORMATION! This brochure, from a fine ministry, is loaded with the information we all need to battle for the unborn. We will use some tracts for New Years but most of our resources will go for the saving of one of the LORD'S most precious gifts.

Heritage House

Milestones 2


           February presents two notable opportunities for tract use: Valentine's Day and Black History Month. We always use "Remember Your Valentine" for the former holiday. This brief but penetrating tract has been a favorite for many years. It gives a good description of sacrificial love. Don't we need this today?
      Black history month presents many ways to witness with tracts. "How Ya Livin" from American Tract Society is a colorful yet solid resource for this genre'.  Use them in all of your outgoing mail, leave them in phone booth, at the hospital waiting room, cafeterias and restaurants and leave one in the library book you're going to return.

The Tract League


American Tract Society



          March is a good preparation month for Passion week, (which usually comes in April). One of our favorite tracts, for this application, is The Jerusalem Daily News from the Tract League. This interesting tract records what it might have been like (in modern terms) days after the resurrection of JESUS. March allows for planting and watering prior to the actual April markers. Additionally, these early seeds can make a real difference in the lives of many when the witness of the actual date arrives. Some folks only go to a church on this Sunday and because of all that is involved with the commercial side of the season, it's hard to imagine ANYONE that doesn't at least think about spiritual things! The tracts shown are all good items to use. Get those seeds planted early!!         



        Oftentimes, the days following a holiday, give people a chance to collect their thoughts and really think about spiritual things. While they were too busy with family or get-togethers earlier and they have been subjected to all manner of heresy, at a more peaceful time tracts can make a real difference. Let us be faithful in giving out the good seed! 

The Tract League


           The month of April provides one of the clearest opportunities for tract/witnessing ministry we know of. This month ties in with several applications regarding evangelism. First, we must address the term Easter. This modern term actually comes from Ashtaroth. the Babylonian mother goddess (fertility). This evil was passed along through the centuries and different cultures till finally the Romans used the term Easter (transliterated). Other monikers include: Ishtar, Oester, Ester and so on. Rabbits became symbolic of the holiday because of their prolific procreative abilities. Thus, the term Easter is one of the Words Christians Shouldn't Use and is highlighted in our workshop, so named. We suggest referring to this holiday as Resurrection Sunday. Do this a few times and you'll be transported into a world of witness! The tracts we use this month are from American Tract Society. The Cross: What Does It Mean? Covers the cross and the crucifixion that is sometimes overlooked because of the splendor of the resurrection and its associated egg hunts and candy. We also suggest using Does It really Matter What You Believe? (item 61319) by Dr. Ryrie. Because DOCTRINE is continually under attack, this small booklet has a wealth of solid apologetic information which lends itself well to the season. Arm yourselves well for the battle to come..

American Tract Society




           May is our month for Mother and, appropriately, this holiday falls near the middle of the month. This central location allows for complete saturation during the month for the designated tract. Before the holiday there is much preparation and after the holiday there is time for reflection and sober thought. Use "You Are Someone Special" this month. Everyone thinking about Mother will be blessed by this sweet tract.


The Tract League

         Our markers for the month of May are Gardening (sowing/watering/reaping) and, of course, Mother's Day. The two tracts pictured are two of our favorites from over the years. It's interesting the the principles involved in gardening apply, in great measure, to both the unsaved and the Christian. This universal law, put in place by GOD at the creation, is easy to observe and holds many truths and lessons for our time. Use GOD'S Garden and The Ideal Mother this month in all of your mail outs.

The Tract League




          Our June marker is Father's Day Because of all that has transpired in recent history, this holiday has a much more limited impact that it once did. Divorce, homosexuality, day care and jam packed schedules have contributed to the demise of male (husbands) leadership and a flip-flopping of roles in our society. Yet, opportunities are still there to correct this evil. "The Ideal Man" from the Tract League is an excellent tract for June.  Put one in all of your mailings and leave them at: the hospital, cafeteria/restaurant and department store shelf. No matter what we see happening in our world, let's keep up the good fight for the LORD.

The Tract League




         Because The 4th of July, Independence Day, falls so early in the month, we again recommend a general issue tract that will serve well for the entire month. We suggest continuing to use Prayers of the Presidents from American Tract Society. This tract gives real insight about many of our chief executives and their relationship with the CREATOR. It also reveals information not readily available. Finally, be in prayer always for GOD to bless those in uniform for our country.

The Tract League


        At this writing, we suggest for the month of July, tracts for our soldiers, sailors and the entire military community. While Independence Day (4th) is significant and rightly so, we felt that the current war on terror is pressing us all. In my own life, I can't remember a time when our military family has been under such scrutiny and tenuous support. Two tracts come to mind for this month: Remember and Military Survival. Military Survival is from American Tract Society and Remember is available at The Tract League. These two tracts are a good one-two punch for all of our tract needs this month. Additionally, their use will remind and convict those who are not as involved as they should be with these brave men and women who serve and protect us.

The Tract League


MilSurrive remember

  August is a good month to use children and teen tracts. Because vacation is ending and the government school cycle begins, children/teens will soon be ushered into a world that is, in many ways, hostile to them. Schedules will change, in many cases primary caregivers will change and teachers and classes will change. This is a lot of change for a young person to deal with. Given the transience of our society, the ongoing opposition to traditional values and the huge part the school system plays in young lives, tracts are a good way reinforce values and faith.

  We suggest "Teen Commandments" from The Tract League and "Creator or Liar" from Chick Publications

Creator Or Liar? Tract from Chick



In September, Labor Day is the most notable holiday and this date can be used as harbinger of Fall and Halloween applications. The tract we recommend for September is "Thank You" and is #211 in the catalog from The Tract League. This tract is brief, colorful and really speaks to anyone who serves us in our daily lives. Site visitors are invited to view their site for further infomation.

The Tract League



 We would argue that October presents the best opportunity of the calendar year for tract distribution. This is simply because of Halloween and the advent of the holiday season. As in past articles, we realize that many Christians have a strong dislike for this dubious festival and rightfully so. However, we believe the LORD would have us persevere in behalf of an unsaved world and let HIM give the increase. In other words, if we do nothing, NOTHING will be the result! For we are laborers together WITH GOD!! What a privilege it is to know the LORD and act in HIS stead on the earth. We will not choose specific tracts this month but direct site visitors to American Tract Society (ATS) and their very attractive tract selection. The products they have for Halloween are first rate and are worthy our patronage.

        Many unsaved children will come to your door seeking candy or stickers or some other small treat. Why not include a tract with your very generous treat? It's the best time to sow, water and reap!

American Tract Society

 Halloween is coming. No matter how you feel about this day, it gives you an opportunity to hand out the Word of Life to the trick-or-treaters and their parents who come to your door.

Hallowe’en is probably the easiest way to distribute tracts to the youth. Chick Publications has several tracts that will appeal to kids with their comic book format and current trend style. The Tract League has  several tracts devoted just to the ghoulish day with a Christian theme.  Although the holiday may not be flattering to Christians, it is wonderful how the Lord can use this event to reach impressionable children.

The Track League Hallowe’en Tracts

Chick Publications



 One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. As we have mentioned in past articles, this very noteworthy holiday is often overlooked because of its proximity to Christmas. Nevertheless, we approach Thanksgiving as a powerful opportunity to distribute tracts with a good, Christian message.
       We suggest using  "Recipe For Thanksgiving" which comes from The Tract League.

Using a bright and colorful cover, this tract has a convicting and blessed message. Send them in all of your outgoing mail. Leave them in malls, phone booths, restrooms and restaurants.
Let us be faithful in sowing the Word of GOD to a lost and dying world

The Tract League


  December presents a wonderful opportunity  to mail tracts in cards. Many churches now have an alphabetical exchange system in place to save postage within the church family. This savings can now be used to MAIL tracts/cards to those who may not otherwise receive one. For example, those in prison or jail, young people or children, nursing home residents, those who haven't been to church for some time and extended family.
          Additionally, we suggest using "The Legend of the Candy Cane" in your cards this season. the touching story of the SHEPHERD'S staff, the red stripe symbolizing the blood of the MESSIAH and the white stripe showing our condition after salvation. Finally, we would guess that more people think about spiritual things at this time of the year than at any other time. Why not mail all the c

The Tract League

ards you can??

Any Time

 Another item of literature that can have great import in the life of a Christian is the daily devotional. These companions to the Bible give wonderful illustrations and aid in marking the calendar which helps us all to plan as we need to. The devotional that Seven Baskets recommends is Days of Praise distributed by Institute For Creation Research (ICR). Each day is graced with a brief but strong lesson. Mailed in a quarterly presentation, these small booklets are packed with teaching by several different editors. They are easy to read and will be a fine addition to your personal or family altar quiet time regimen. Go to the ICR web site for more information.


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